Lotus water tanks are the premium range of water tanks for private and commercial use. The tanks are made incorporating the best technologies to ensure safe drinking water to users. As a private limited company since 1980, the water tank manufacturer in India has garnered a large share of the market due to the quality products which are the first choice of every health-conscious user.

The Water Tank Manufacturer uses advanced technology in double, triple and four layers tanks to keep water safe for longer durations with nil contamination. The raw material is tested by the quality auditors before the start of the manufacturing process. The final products are again tested on stringent quality controls to provide safe and bacteria free water to our users. The product is made to withstand all weather conditions. Every step of the manufacturing is closely monitored to maintain the stated quality parameters.

Water Tank Manufacturer

What makes lotus water tanks the best water tank manufacturer in the country?

The water tanks are made in double, triple and four layers to keep water safe under every weather condition or temperature. The lotus water tanks are not ordinary water tanks. They have several technical specialties that are adapted to produce the finest water tanks in the country.

These specialties are –

Stronger manufacturing technique – The advanced solid monocoque structure with strong ribs provides stability to the tanks and makes sure that there is no bulge in full tanks.

Use of blow mold technology – This is the next level of technology for ensuring consistent wall thickness of frame structure, which provides solid balance to the tank with or without water.

Use of HDPE material – HDPE is food grade material, which is used in the manufacturing of water tanks to totally eliminate any trace of contamination in water.

Threaded lid – The thread airtight lid keep water safe for drinking by preventing dust, dirt and particles

Easy installation features – The tanks have multiple inlet and outlet connections thus ensuring easy connection with existing pipes at the installation site.

Marble-like inside finish – Every water tank comes marble like inside walls to check the growth of fungus, bacteria, moss and prevent any kind of odor inside the water tank

As a reputed manufacturer of water tanks in the country, the company also ensures that the upper layer of the tanks is a UV protective layer and reflects back more than 50 % sun heat and prevents its entry in tanks. To remain at the top, the company constantly evaluates the manufacturing process to upgrade it as per the latest development in the manufacturing of water tanks.